Chrysafi Pumps operate since 1960 in Thessaloniki, manufacturing centrifugal water pumps.

In 1978 the company moved to privately owned facilities in the area of Diavata, Thessaloniki, where it manufactures water pumps, and also services and repairs pumps of other manufacturers. Also sells pumps, and motors from other companies, in order to provide a wide range of products which will meet your particular needs.

The quality and reliability of Chrysafis water pumps, combined with high specs manufacturing, contribute to a quality brand, which exports to Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia and Albania. Among our customers are most of Greek farmers and stockbreeders, industries, municipal organizations, the Greek Army and Fire Brigade, public hospitals, ΤΟΕV (local land improvement organizations), refineries, etc.

Chrysafi pumps are suitable for use in agriculture, both for irrigation and frost protection, live stock water supply, general water supply and fire fighting, fish farms (mussel farming), shipping, fishing vessels, and industrial needs. They can be used in the industrial sector in lime manufacturing, cement manufacturing, marble processing, mining water supply, paint shops, laundries, energy plants, etc.

Chrysafi water pumps are compatible to all kinds of motors such as electric motors, petrol engines, diesel engines, ΡΤΟ tractors, stationary Diesel engines, hydraulic motors as well as truck transmissions. You can adapt them to a motor you already have, or ask for an offer of a complete motor-pump set.

“Chrysafi Pumps meet the needs of professionals and consumers in water supply for every use”

Our products

Self Priming Pumps


Single-Stage Pumps


Twin Stage Pumps


Three-Stage - Four-Stage Pumps


Excellence Points


High quality materials, high quality products

  • Most parts are made by CNC
  • Burnished bearing seats
  • Impeller dynamic balancing
  • Oversize metal cage ball bearings, C3
  • Oil lubrication
  • Surface hardened gears
  • Hydrostatic pressure tested
  • Stock of Spare Parts – fastest shipment

Fast Response

We respond A.S.A.P. to all needs, ensuring fast delivery, repair and maintenance.

Low Cost

We guarantee low cost throughout the life cycle of our products and lower initial cost than the competition. We offer the best price-performance ratio.

High Performance

We provide high performance products for use in agriculture, irrigation and many other applications.